CELL-VU® The leader in disposable safety hemacytometers which can be used for all your manual cell counting needs, from sperm, blood (CBC), to body fluids such as CSF and others.

The CELL-VU® method of sperm counting provided the best accuracy and precision among the 3 methods we studied and may represent a better worldwide “gold standard” for sperm counts than the current hemacytometer method. —LabMedicine


Pre-Stained Morphology Slides

CELL-VU® pre-stained Hematology/ Morphology slides combine conventional microscope slides with a combination of methylene blue and cresyl violet stains into a single, ready-to-use device.

Samples are applied directly to the slide and a coverslip is placed over the sample. One step process limits exposure to reagents and potentially harmful stains.

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