DRM-630 Fixed Coverslip Counting Chambers
No Grid — 2 chambers per slide

For use by casa and reticle users. For sperm counts in undiluted specimens. The CELL-VU® Cytometer consists of a standard (3 x 1″), specially-designed glass slide and a fixed cover slip. Disposal of the entire apparatus eliminates cleaning and minimizes clinician exposure to body fluids. The slide consists of two chambers (for dual determinations), each with a depth of 20 µm. This depth is optimal for sperm cells to form in a monolayer, movement is unencumbered, motility can be assessed and counts are made easily.

Semen Analysis
Fixed Cover Slip — DRM-630

General preparation

Mix the sample thoroughly just before pipetting.

Slowly pipette one drop (approximately 2-4 microliters) of specimen. Place the specimen at the edge of one of the sampling areas (Figure A).

The specimen will fill the counting area by capillary action (Figures B & C).

Two tests can be performed using one CELL-VU® slide.