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CBC Disposable HemacytometerDRM700


Ideal for manual erythrocyte, leukocyte, platelet, eosinophil and sperm cell counts. The disposable CELL-VU® Hemacytometers consists of a standard (3 x 1″) specially-designed glass slide and coverslip. Disposal of the entire apparatus eliminates cleaning and minimizes clinician exposure to body fluids. Both the slide and coverslip are marked to ensure correct use. Each slide is dual-chambered (allowing for 2 determinations) with a printed inert surface that creates a 0.50 µL chamber volume. Chamber depth is 20 µm, optimal for cells to form in a monolayer. Centered on each coverslip is a laser-etched grid. The 3 x 3 mm grid is a modified pattern of the Neubauer Ruling, divided into 9, 1 x 1 mm counting areas. Each counting area is subdivided to facilitate specific, accurate results for the cell type being counted. The center square of the grid is subdivided into 100 counting areas and is used for erythrocyte, platelet and sperm counts.


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