Cell-Vu Disposable
Counting Chambers

Safer for Lab Techs • Reduces Errors • Faster & Easier

“More accurate than the standard hemacytometer and the Makler chamber”

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Sperm Counting Chambers DRM-600

Consists of a specially-designed glass slide and two coverslips each with a counting grid laser-etched into the surface. Disposable, eliminates cleaning and minimizes clinician exposure to body fluids.

Pre-Stained Morphology Slides DRM-900

Combines conventional microscope slides with a combination of methylene blue and cresyl violet stains into a single, ready to use device.


Fixed Depth Counting Chamber DRM-540

The Fixed Depth Counting Chamber slides are designed for casa and reticule users to perform sperm counts in undiluted specimens. Each standard (3 x 1") chamber slide has a depth of 20 μm. This depth is optimal for sperm cells to form in a mono-layer.

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