Cell-Vu Disposable
Counting Chambers

Safer for Lab Techs • Reduces Errors • Faster & Easier

“More accurate than the standard hemacytometer and the Makler chamber”

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Sperm Counting Chambers DRM-600

Consists of a specially-designed glass slide and two coverslips each with a counting grid laser-etched into the surface. Disposable, eliminates cleaning and minimizes clinician exposure to body fluids.

Fixed Depth Counting Chamber Slides DRM540

Designed for casa and reticule users to perform sperm counts in undiluted specimens.


Pre-Stained Morphology Slides DRM-900

Combines conventional microscope slides with a combination of methylene blue and cresyl violet stains into a single, ready to use device.

Hemacytometers DRM-700

Hemacytometers DRM-700

Ideal for manual erythrocyte, leukocyte, platelet, eosinophil and sperm cell counts. Disposable, dual-chambered and eliminates cleaning and minimizes clinician exposure to body fluids.

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