Company Overview

Millennium Sciences, Inc. (MSI) created and manufactures CELL-VU®  cell counting devices used in laboratory diagnostic testing for a variety of industries. Founded in 2000 by the leading male infertility specialist in the US, CELL-VU® cell counting devices are gaining recognition from top researchers as “the gold standard” for the industry.

The cell-counting industry component is primarily characterized by antiquated methods and products. Approximately 75% of all semen analyses and manual blood counts are performed with reusable chambers that must be washed, dried and prepared before each use. This process wastes time, costs money, exposes lab technicians to infectious diseases, and produces inaccurate results.CELL-VU® counting chambers are disposable, safer, less expensive, more accurate and simpler to use.

CELL-VU® is in a class of its own. No other cell counting device offers these important advantages:

  1. Value - disposability circumvents costly lab tech time spent cleaning and preparing slides between uses,
  2. Safety - single-use disposability minimizes contact with potentially infectious bodily fluids, thus, complying with OSHA standards and offering improved safety to healthcare workers;
  3. Integrated design - the grid pattern is etched onto the surface of the slides in order to avoid added steps of fitting a gridded reticle into the oculars of a laboratory microscope,
  4. Convenience - improved test workflow lowers technician error and speeds up testing processes, and
  5. Accuracy - CELL-VU® counting chambers have been independently verified by several world-renowned researchers to be the most accurate products on the market.